Top 6 Mistakes Professional Photographers Make in Business & Marketing

Avoid these 6 mistakes professional photographers make in business and in marketing! Read this article and discover what you shouldn’t do!

Let’s face it – photographers can be some of the best entrepreneurs or the worst. They are in this business, because of their creativity and talent and not because they enjoy business or marketing. These are actually the reasons why some photographers have difficulties surviving the competition.

However, there is no need for you to panic, because we are here and we are going to make these things easier for you. You need to understand that sometimes the business and the marketing aspect of photography business can be actually interesting and rewarding. If you want to be successful, you need to embrace the reality that you are a business owner and you should take care of your business in an appropriate way.

We are going to present you the 6 biggest mistakes professional photographers make in business and in marketing. Once you’ll know these mistakes you will be able to avoid them easier:

  • Not Charging Enough – You need to determine your right price. You cannot allow your clients to undervalue your photographs over and over again. By not charging enough, you are only lowering the value of your work and the work for the entire industry.
  • Not Responding to Inquiries Fast Enough – If someone is trying to get in touch with you, ask something about your work, and etc. you need to respond this person as you as you can. Don’t allow your potential clients to wait for a response. If they didn’t get a response in 24 hours, they will probably find another photographer.
  • Not Having a Specific Business Plan – Without a proper business plan, you won’t become a successful professional photographer. You need a plan with a strategy, an income target, price per job required to reach that target, and etc.
  • Not Researching Your Competition – You need to be familiar with what is out there. Analyze your competitors and see how you can become better.
  • Not Using a Mailing List – You can always take advantage of the social media, however, you cannot forget to use mailing lists.
  • Not Putting Yourself Out There – You need to use every opportunity to present yourself, your photographs, and your business in general.

Make sure to avoid these 6 mistakes and watch your photography business flourish from day to day.

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